About PMP

PMP New Materials focusses on adhesives for modern mobile devices.  Specializing in polyurethane reactive hot melts, PMP innovates and customizes the highest quality adhesives for the demanding requirements of the consumer electronics industry.

As manufacturers continue to develop thinner, lighter, and higher performing mobile devices, PMP has kept pace with the needs for higher performing adhesives of such products.

Founded in Wilmington, Delaware in 2010, PMP has evolved as a one-stop center for polyurethane adhesives in mobile devices.  As a leader in polymer science, PMP has established a new research and development laboratory in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, a research hub for Shanghai, China.

PMP has also opened technical support offices in Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Wuhan to coordinate with clients during the product development and manufacturing stages of smart phones, tablets, smart watches, smart pens, laptops, and other mobile devices and accessories.

In addition to developing the finest adhesives for stringent industry requirements on touch panels and other mobile device components, PMP’s engineers advise clients’ product development teams on adhesive routing, adhesive thickness, and dispensing methods.  PMP also sends technicians to manufacturing locations to optimize production and train personnel.